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Latest Update on
Hidden Valley & Cherokee Village!!!
The week of May 9th, 2000 Jim was out in
NE Arkansas
for your consideration.
While wandering  through the woods and streets
in Hidden Valley & Cherokee Village, he saw:

    Two Deer, Water and Land Turtles

If you like NATURE,


While Jim was there May 2000!

Recent comment from one of our Cherokee Village Property Buyers:
"I could not be more pleased.......a couple of minutes to walk to the lake, less than a couple of miles to both  golf courses!  I somewhat surprised to see that it's an actual community and not just thousands of vacant lots.
Some of the homes are pretty spectacular. Do you guys own any of the lots adjacent to mine? ... I would like to purchase the other three ..."

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 Cherokee Village History:

John A Cooper Sr. started Cherokee Village in 1954. His vision was a planned community composed of residents from all age and income levels, living in a scenic setting where they could come for vacations and later retire for permanent living. 

This community was to have the conveniences of the city, but with an abundance of hills, woods, fresh water, and natural wildlife. Cherokee Village became a model for all other vacation retirement areas in the nation, and was one of the first of its kind in the entire world!

Located near the junction of the South Fork and Spring Rivers in both Sharp and Fulton Counties, Cherokee Village is now an incorporated city with 350 miles of paved roads!

The city covers more than 15,000 acres of the beautiful Ozark foothills. 

Cherokee Village Features:

mild year 'round four season climate - wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts: average winter temperature 51 F. -  occasional sprinkling of snow, melts during the day - average summer temperature 80 F. 
Click here to see CURRENT weather in Cherokee Village

Seven beautiful lakes from 19 acres to 264 acres, all of them private to property owners and their guests (Click on Links for Photos):

1.Lake Thunderbird: 264 acres, 7.2 miles of shoreline,
     maximum depth 75', fishing, boating, skiing. 

2.Lake Cherokee: 37 acres, 1.461 miles of shoreline,
     maximum depth 40'. 

3.Lake Navaho: 34 acres, maximum depth 25', fishing lake. 

4.Lake Sequoyah: 75.5 acres, 2.361 mile shoreline,
     maximum depth 55', fishing and boating 

5.Lake Chanute: 65 acres, 2.273 miles, fishing lake.   Click Here for a closer map showing Lake Chanute

6.Lake Omaha: 139 acres, 4.7 miles, maximum depth 40',
     fishing, boating, skiing. 

7.Lake Aztec: 19.3 acres, fishing. 

TWOchampionship eighteen hole golf courses : 

The North Golf Course Private for Owners & Guests Only!!! MORE PHOTOS TAKEN MAY 2000

 The South Golf Course is open to the public

Two pro shops - open for your use

Six refreshing swimming pools

Two marinas to meet all your boating needs

Two lighted tennis courts 

Three huge recreation centers for owner's and guests only, complete with miniature golf, shuffleboard, whirlpools, meeting rooms, exercise equipment, playgrounds, more...

Five parks, cooking stations, pavilion

jet-capable 5200' airport

40 bed hospital with 24 hour emergency service, clinics, specialists, chemo, cardiac rehab, nuclear medicine, doctors' offices, everything modern and up-to-date to meet your healthcare needs

Two prompt award winning paramedic ambulance services

Three professional full-time Fire-stations

Fast-response city police - one of the lowest crime rates in the nation

Shopping center: post office, newspaper, restaurants, private clubs, bank, service station, beauty shop, flower shop, travel agency, grocery store, city hall, vacation rentals, bakery, more... (Wal-Mart Supercenter and more in nearby Ash Flat.)

Fourteen churches, three good schools

Ninety-four clubs and organizations, just about anything you're into: ballroom dancing, singles, boy scouts, camera, chorus, gardeners, Lions, Kiwanis, Knights, Pilots for Christ, bowling, euchre, bridge, golf, lifeline, masonic, recovery, ladies, tennis, swim, vets, sportsmen,  much more...

Campground with rv hookups, vacation rentals, luxury time-share condos, for your overflow guests and vacationers

Hiking and cycling, nature trails and scenic vistas,  picnicking, horseshoes, horseback riding, swimming, water skiing, boating, rafting, canoeing, fishing - it's an angler's paradise if you're into world class fightin' walleye and rainbow trout, crappie, bream, bass, and catfish!!!

Four and a half miles of cool spring-fed South Fork River - fed by Mammoth Spring, the world's tenth largest natural spring.

Nearby: HUNTING: wild turkey, 'coons, squirrels, rabbits, and whitetail deer in season - there's even a 13,000 acre hunting reserve for bow and rifle hunters - land owners have privileges :-)

Does this sound GREAT or WHAT??? 
It IS Great!!! This is NOT a DREAM!!!
This is the REAL THING!!!

NOW is the time to buy YOUR Very OWN OZARK Vacation/Retirement Lot
As many more people are finding a GREAT INTEREST in this "neck of the woods" which should nicely increase the value of your property!!!

Cherokee Village Lots:
1) NAVAJO 2nd ADDITION,  Block 6, Lot 47, Sharp County, AR.

Reserved for Auction Winner!!!

This wonderful lot is located on Mena Crescent, a quiet secluded cul-de-sac close to LAKE NAVAJO.

Lot has approximately 41 feet of road frontage, is about 175 feet deep on the right side, 140 feet at the back, and 211 feet on the left side. 

This a LARGE beautifully oak-forested lake area building lot close to the hospital and school, with easy access to the main highway, shopping, and services. 

Plat Map

Photos of the Lot

This lot is now on Auction!!!

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2) Sandia Addition, Block 4, Lot 6 SOLD!!!!!ONE MINUTE WALK to the LAKE!!!!!

Click here to see a map of  Sandia Addition which is located next to
breathtaking Lake Chanute One of Seven Private Lakes that Cherokee Village Residents can enjoy

3) Lot 7, Block 8, Hualapi Addition,  Cherokee Village, Arkansas located on Tessuntee Drive VERY CLOSE to LAKE AZTEC!!! Walk to the lake from your lot!!!SOLD!!!

Click Here for a Map of the Lot Location

4) Lot 11, Block 2, San Juan Addition, Cherokee Village, Arkansas located on Awi Trail that backs onto acres of Common Property which leads Lake Chanute!!! This is a fairly level lot located at the edge of a cul-de-sac with a house nearby (which means SO ARE YOUR UTILITIES!!!)   SOLD!!!!
Lot size is approximately .2681 acres which is MORE THAN ONE QUARTER OF AN ACRE!!! Lot dimensions are approximately 82' x 120' x 85' x 121'
Click here for a map of the lot location

5) Hualapi Addition Block 9 Lot 13,   Cherokee Village, Fulton County, Arkansas
   This beautifully treed almost 1/4 acre lot is located on  Salinar Trace  and is very close to Lake Aztec!!! SOLD!!!
   Click Here for map of Lot Location (lot will be the one colored pink on the left side of the screen) 
Lot dimensions are approximately   80'x136'x85'x138' =  about 11302 square feet A bit MORE than 1/4 acre!!! 

6) San Juan Addition, Lot 47, Block 2, Cherokee Village, Arkansas located on Yana Trail  SOLD!!!
         This lot backs onto Common Property which leads breathtaking Lake Chanute One of Seven Private Lakes that Cherokee Village Residents can enjoy!!!!

         This is a beautifully treed lot located in a of a cul-de-sac with a houses nearby (which means SO ARE YOUR UTILITIES!!!) This prime lot is VERY CLOSE to Lake Chanute...look at the map below!!!! Click here for a map of the lot location
Click here for lot photo

7)  Sandia Addition,Block 1, Lot 4 SOLD!!!is  THREE MINUTE WALK to the LAKE!
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Suburban Improvement District (SID) fees in Cherokee Village are billed with taxes and are due in the year property is purchased. Taxes and SID combined total about $180 annually for a vacant lot. Taxes for the previous year become delinquent on October 10th each year. (SID and taxes are much lower in bordering Hidden Valley)

  • Lot sizes are approximate, but all full size lots are close to 1/4 acre (more or less) and are forested residential building lots with access to streets, roads, telephone, and electricity.
  • Some building codes and restrictions apply (this varies from Addition to Addition). Mobile and manufactured homes are not allowed in  Cherokee Village, but can be placed on Hidden Valley lots.
  • Local builders say they can probably get city water to any of our lots
  • Septic systems are the norm almost everywhere.
  • The wide variety of slopes that comes with mountain foothills and lakes allows abundant opportunity for a wealth of different home designs. Local builders know how to nestle your home or getaway cabin into the natural surroundings.
  • These lots are all within city limits, but you'll be surprised how easily you can get away from the crowd in this beautiful secluded place!!
Here is a summary of the Sandia Addition in Fulton County Covenants as an example: Every Addition has its own covenants and restrictions called "Bill of Assurance".

They are all quite similar, with restrictions such as minimum size of buildings
becoming more strict towards and in Fulton County to ensure a better way of living.

  1.FHA "Minimum Property Standards for Single Living Units", latest   addition, is the guideline but committee can alter.
  2.Single family residential.
  3.No offensive odors, noises, etc.
  4.Architectural control committee to approve construction plans and specs.
     before building starts.
  5.Interiors to be finished within 12 months of construction start.
  6.Electrical and plumbing to meet state standards.
  7.No temporary structures such as trailers, tents, shacks, barns without
  8.Setbacks: 25 ft. front and back, 5 ft. sides.
  9.Maximum 2 stories, minimum 1,000 square feet.
10.Public utility easements.

TERMS! Your deed is signed over to you when full payment and closing costs have been made - we keep it simple - that's why YOU QUALIFY - and you don't have to pay extra for credit checks, bank fees, appraisal fees, etc. etc.We know how to transfer land fast! We'll take care of everything. In just a few days you could be holding in your hand THE LIMITED WARRANTY DEED* to your very own land in the Ozark foothills! PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO FINANCE A LOT IN CHEROKEE VILLAGE AND WE WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO!

*LIMITED WARRANTY DEED INFORMATION All the lots in Cherokee Village were sold for $6500 to $10,500 about 25 years ago. Over the years some people let their lots go back to the state for failure to pay taxes. The state only issues a Limited Warranty Deed. That means that it is possible for the original owner to apply to a court to get the land back during a two year period from the time it was purchased from the state. It is our understanding that if the land is returned to the original owner (highly unlikely - we are not aware of any case in this area where such a thing has happened) compensation must be paid to the purchaser. 

It is possible to hire a lawyer to convert the Limited Warranty Deed to Warranty Deed status before the two years are up but we sell at such a low price that we do not do that. And, we have such confidence that you won't have this problem with your Limited Warranty Deed that we guarantee if this happens to you within the two year period, we will swap your land for another available lot of similar value at no cost to you. 



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We Accept Payment by Money Order, Cashiers Check or Personal Check.
(Personal Checks are held for 10 days to allow time to clear.) ANDWE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL

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